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William Weary 

By Bob Mintz                          PART TWO     (Return to Start of Article)
(Article updated Spring 2021)

#14159 “New York”/”San Francisco” Animated Billboard

#34193 “UPS®” Animated Billboard

#24227 Halloween Animated Billboard

#24217 LRRC Animated Billboard

#24228 Christmas Operating Billboard 2008

#16837 Christmas Operating Billboard (2009)

# 49844 Christmas Animated Billboard (2010)

# 82002 Old St. Nick Operating Billboard

# 82017 Lionel Art Operating Billboard

# 82064 Halloween Animated Billboard

# 83438 MillerCoors Blinking Light Billboard

#83455 The Polar Express™ Operating Billboard

# 84327 Santa Fe Operating Billboard

Several models of this would made over the years, including one that was single sided and whereby the paper hangers moved instead of the ad.

#14148 Operating Billboard Signmen

#21273 ATSF Animated Billboard

#22190 C&O Chessie Cat Animated Billboard

#22252 Ringling Bros.& Barnum & Bailey Animated Billboard

#22427 Ford Thunderbird Animated Billboard

#22679 Ringling Bros. Animated Billboard

#24201 UPS Animated Billboard Signmen


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Second Decade.
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