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William Weary

By Bob Mintz                                                      PART ONE
(Article updated Spring 2021)


Besides the consumer catalogs, one of my fondest recollections of Lionel paper that is an immediate memory check to the past of my youth is the #310 Billboards produced although not cataloged in 1949 and then made from 1950 through the present.


The Postwar billboard assortment usually came in an uncut sheet of eight different billboards.  Prewar and HO versions exist too.


Vintage products no longer produced adorned those ads such as: Ipana tooth paste; Nash Rambler; Black Jack Chewing Gum; Hallicrafters radios; Dupont Zerex/Zerone anti-freeze; Snow Crop peas; Breck Shampoo; OK Chevrolet used cars and trucks; Cities Service; Underwood portable typewriters {what’s a typewriter?}; and of course Lionel Porter and Spear phonographs as well as Airex reels, rods, lines and lures.


“With the use of modern technology those single message billboards along the highways and streets of North America have now been transformed into multi message advertising tools.  Now the model railroading world of Lionelville introduces the first animated billboard to it’s streets.  Once it welcomes you to town, it entices you to stop by the local Jock-O sporting goods stores for all of your athletic needs.”


Such would be the Lionel copy for their 21st Century billboard, which like its prototype, is printed on both sides of slats and is motorized to flip over and therefore show two different ads in the same physical footprint.

# 12761 “Welcome to Lionelville”/”Jocko Sporting Goods” Animated billboard

#12809 “Look, Listen, Live"/"Milk" Animated Billboard

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Second Decade.
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