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Maintenance of Way in the 21st Century--Ballast Tampers and Beyond ... continued

By Bob Mintz

(Article starts here)


This group will include the Postwar variety; remakes; as well as more current and prototypical versions.

Postwar style:  
54 Ballast Tamper
8578 NYC Ballast Tamper
18464 #54 Ballast Tamper Postwar celebration series
11831 Ballast Tamper (Not Manufactured) - Author's Interpretation
Modern Style:  
18483 C & O Ballast Tamper “48”
18490 Union Pacific Ballast Tamper
18490 LCCA OVERSTAMP Union Pacific Ballast Tamper “Route of the Challenger”
18483 LCCA OVERSTAMP C&O Ballast Tamper "48"
18491 M.O.W. Ballast Tamper “325”
28403 Pennsylvania Ballast Tamper “18”
??????? from # 2122180 Nickel Plate Road Work Train Set
2135080 BNSF TMCC Ballast Tamper
2135090 Burlington Northern TMCC Ballast Tamper
2135100 Conrail TMCC Ballast Tamper
2135110 CSX TMCC Ballast Tamper
2135120 Norfolk Southern TMCC Ballast Tamper
2135130 Southern Pacific TMCC Ballast Tamper


This group has the original Postwar version as well as several remakes and one that was part of a set. This particular item could be used separately and was not dependent on another piece to operate.

#3360 Lionel Lines Burro Crane
18402 Lionel Lines Burro Crane
18405 Santa Fe Burro Crane
18410 Pennsylvania Burro Crane
18477 Union Pacific Burro Crane Set #31706

28414 “#3360” Lionel Lines Burro Crane

28422 Pennsylvania Burro Crane
28445 from AEC Burro Crane Set # 31774

Bethlehem Steel Operating No. 20 Burro Crane by RGS Limited Editions

U.S. Navy-Philadelphia PA Navy Yard Operating No. 25 Burro Crane by RGS Limited Editions
U.S. Navy-Philadelphia PA Navy Yard Operating No. 28 Burro Crane by RGS Limited Editions
U.S. Navy-Pearl Harbor HI Navy Yard Operating No. 41 Burro Crane by RGS Limited Editions

Jersey Central Lines Operating No. 80 Burro Crane by RGS Limited Editions

Lehigh Valley Operating No. 620 Burro Crane by RGS Limited Editions
Alaska Railroad Operating No. 414 Burro Crane by RGS Limited Editions New Haven Operating No. 34 Burro Crane by RGS Limited Editions
The Texas Special Operating No. 30 Burro Crane by RGS Limited Editions  


This group contains the original Postwar version; remakes; one that was part of a set; another that could be considered a secondary set made up of separate sale items; as well as one never manufactured. The 1998 Service Station Set fire car could not function without the instruction/generator car. In the 1999 preview catalog, there was another firecar similar to the 1998 SSS, but in a different color scheme. This item also was dependent on the instruction/generator car to operate. In a bit of my own creativity, I purchased like separate sale identical items to make a second Lionelville Fire Company set to complement the first. #18412 Union Pacific fire fighter car as seen in the 1991 Book 1 but was not manufactured.

52 Fire car
8379 Pennsylvania motorized fire fighter
18411 Canadian Pacific fire fighter car
18412 Union Pacific fire fighter car
18470 #52 Fire Car Postwar celebration series
21753--1998 Service Station Fire Rescue Train Set:
18444 NYC Firecar
19853 NYC Instruction Generator Car
19442 Water supply flatcar/tank
19854 Lionelville Fire Company #1 searchlight car
26961 Lionelville Fire Company flatcar/ladder
26505 Lionelville Fire Company work caboose
11988--NYC Firecar and Instruction Car Set: (includes 18445 & 19857 only)
18445 NYC fire fighter car
19857 NYC Instruction Generator Car
16390 Lionel Flatcar w/ black water tankcar
19858 Lionelville Operational Searchlight Car "19584"
26991 Lionelville Ladder Firecar, Fire Dept #2
26513 NYC Fire Response Unit


This group contains the original Postwar version and remakes. Possibly in a Cheshire cat (C&O) smile towards collectors, one of the remakes included the rare gray bumpers variation.

50 Lionel gang car
18417 Gang Car
18465 #50 Gang Car Postwar celebration series
18485 New York Central Gang Car
28442 #50 Gang Car
38241 Maintenance of Way Gang Car
38240 Elf Gang Car
0050 Gang Car (HO)

Concept Gang Car

Image courtesy Robert (Bob) Osterhoff from [RED HALL]

Per Bob:
"Several years ago I obtained the archives of Lionel artwork from the estate of Hank Makowski, the Advertising Manager and later consultant to Lionel from the early 1970s until 1999. I went through a few hundred of his drawings from about 1991-1995. It should be noted that concept drawings, which this is, are in the early stages and do not have any product number. In most cases they did not have identifiable products. This drawing is then taken to the next stage at Lionel to approve or disapprove and turned into final artwork for the catalog."


This group contains the original Postwar version; a "Mintz-Modification" variation; a regular remake; a remake of an archive sample and a street hot rod version.

I noticed a similarity of an Eastwood Memorabilia product and made some modifications here and there and created my own homage to Postwar Lionel.

68 Inspection car, DeSoto wagon
68-modified Eastwood #303500 - Lionel 1955 Chevy Delivery Van/Bank with #68 chassis
18447 Executive Inspection Vehicle Postwar celebration series
18454 Archive Collection #68 Blue Inspection Car
18463 Hot Rod Inspection Vehicle
28440 Pennsylvania Inspection Car

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